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Floristry on Chanlders – Florist Flower Farm



Twenty years ago we first set eyes on this beautiful piece of land here at Chandlers Hill in the Onkaparinga Hills of South Australia. The attraction was the quiet space for our children, the endless sky and the beautiful nature.

Flowers had an abundant presence on the land, including the flower which inspired our business, Cymbidium Orchids. I knew so little about them back then, however, as my curiosity and love affair grew so did my collection of them and ‘City of Orchids’ was born.

It wasn’t long before my girls caught ‘flower fever’ and we began to grow more than orchids. Over the years we have trialled and tested flowers which would grow best in our climate and soil. We dedicated ourselves to the land growing roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies and a variety of foliage. As our flower selection grew so did we and in 2023 we registered ‘Floristry On Chandlers’. We are a very hands on farm working with the seasons of the year and the natural cycle of flowers with the help from our bees, as opposed to growing flowers in mass production hypertechnical artificial environments.

We value our flowers and from our forever blooming passion, beautiful creations come to life!

Adelaide Florists - Demi & Jerri